Design, Industrialization and Manufacturing of Electronic Products

TXCube has expertise in the design, industrialization and mass production of complete electronic products and can support you from project ideation to industrial production. We’ll then suggest the manufacturing model best suited to your marketing challenges, and the industrial partner best suited to your product, to make your project a success.

TXCube also makes its network of suppliers available to its customers, enabling them to purchase complex drawing parts at the best possible conditions in terms of price, lead times, quality and investment in tooling.

Our expertise

Industrial and electronic product design

Our industrial design office will be able to advise you and provide you with ideas in all the technological fields required for product design: electronics, mechanics, plastics, software. During the industrial design phase, we adopt D.F.M (Design For Manufacturing) methods to facilitate product series production and D.T.C (Design To Cost) to guarantee a cost price in line with your expectations.

bureau d'étude industriel


With our teams in France and China, we can advise you on the most appropriate industrial scheme, whether manufacturing in France, manufacturing in China, or a hybrid model, to ensure a turnkey project that meets your needs. We manage all stages of product industrialization, from injection mold design to final packaging, certification and production testing.

Mass production

After mechanical design, electronic design (both optional, depending on the progress of your project) and industrialization, TXCube teams will monitor and control the industrial production of sub-assemblies such as plastics and electronics, carry out the integration of your product and apply the quality controls defined to guarantee the required level of quality.


Supply chain

We manage for you all the physical flows of spare parts, components and sub-assemblies upstream of industrial manufacturing, as well as industrial logistics, boxing, transport management, incoterms, taxes and customs duties once the product has been manufactured. We can then deliver wherever you want. We can also advise you on which flows to avoid for economic, customs and, of course, ecological reasons.

Purchasing department

With its long-established network of suppliers, TXCube enables you to benefit from them for the manufacture of your product to meet your price targets, whether for active and passive electronic components, mechanical drawing parts, plastic parts, surface coatings, packaging and tooling.

TXCube also makes its network of suppliers available to its customers, enabling them to purchase custom-made mechanical parts at the best conditions in terms of price, lead times, quality and tooling investment, even if the product is not assembled by us.

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With its extensive experience, TXCube can support you in the eco-design of your product, the first point being to guarantee the lifespan of the product designed and manufactured, in order to limit its replacement and the waste caused by this replacement.

During the design phase, products that can be disassembled, repaired or upgraded can be favored. Other points can also be worked out with the customer, such as the choice of recycled or biosourced plastics, a precise calculation of energy requirements, organized final recycling, economical and recyclable packaging and simplified logistics.

Got a project ?

TXCube brings the experience on the best way to meet your challenges. So, don’t wait and

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I set up TXCube in 2009 after a long career in the purchasing of technical parts and electronic products. With my partner, Vincent, with whom I worked in the same company, we were looking for service providers able to offer complete industrialization solutions and managing the production follow-up during product life time.
This value proposition had to be able to take different forms depending on the project’s stakes. We couldn’t find this “One Stop Shop”. It was with this in mind that TXCube was born.
14 years later, we are still working with a large number of French and foreign customers, offering them our long experience in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic products.

Elisabeth PARTOUCHEFounder of TXCube