Autonomous product

TXCube has designed and industrialized many autonomous products powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries according customer needs in response to the scope of application covered.
These autononous products span a variety of markets. We find them in fields such as IOT, human security, laboratory devices. They often communicate via one or more radio links.

Integrating energy management into product design

When designing this type of product, defining the architecture is crucial and the battery life must be considered when selecting low consumption components. It is essential to understand how the product works and how it is used.

All use cases are then defined as well as their energy consumption and operating time. The product’s operation should also be adapted to the need for use and the frequency of user interaction. After product consumption calculation and its actual operating time over a day, we deduce the required battery capacity.

produit autonome gestion énergétique
conception mécanique et vieillissement de la batterie

Integrating battery aging

You also must define your form factor and determine whether you can use a standard battery or a custom battery, much more expensive.

From the mechanical design perspective, it will be necessary to integrate the battery aging data both in capacity to guarantee autonomy and in mechanical deformation, to ensure that the battery housing can accommodate it throughout the product’s lifespan.
During the final functional tests, it will be interesting to check the power consumption of certain operational modes, especially those that consume the most energy or are most frequently used, such as the sleep mode.

Our value proposition

TXCube has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of stand-alone products and can guide you on many aspects: product architecture, use cases to be integrated into your “Firmware” and battery selection. We work directly with battery manufacturers to select the right solution for your needs.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur
Customer case

Boks company

The BOKS company has developed connected parcel boxes to allow a single and secure delivery of goods.
There are several form factors available: individual format for houses, larger format for residential buildings.
TXCube was selected by its CEO, Adrien Oksman, to carry out a redesign of the product by integrating additional functional and environmental features while lowering its acquisition cost and increasing its autonomy.

We immediately had confidence in TXCube’s expertise in design and industrialization and in their ability to fit with our start-up constraints. They clearly understood the need for the product development and improvement and provided ideas and guidance on many subjects. They also brought the rigor and working methods of a project mode specialist during the industrialization phase: a project manager was in charge of weekly alignment meetings, which allowed for sharing the project’s progress among all the actors as well maintaining the deliverable deadlines for each stakeholder.

If I had to summarize our relationship with TXCube, I would say that it is the partner that BOKS needed to succeed in its industrial acceleration phase and support it in the growth of its sales volumes.


CEO Boks


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