Mechanical design

Our mechanical design office based in France, near Paris, is an expert in mechanical design services of enclosures protecting electronic boards, energy sources (primary and secondary batteries, power supplies, etc.), user interfaces such as keyboards, LCD, eINK or OLED displays, tactile or not, various radio antennas, considering the constraints of use and environment of the product.
Our mechanical design engineers, then, integrate the constraints of manufacturing tooling during the mechanical study of the enclosures.

bureau d'étude mécanique

The analysis of mechanical requirements

Most of the constraints have been addressed and solved in the previous mechanical designs for all our customers. There are among others:

IP68 sealing constraints for pool products.
Cosmetic and finishing constraints for the luxury world.
Environmental constraints (temperature range, extreme temperatures, humidity or bad weather).
Thermal dissipation constraints (housing/radiator design).
Shock resistance constraints for VK and IK vandal-resistant keyboards.
Audio quality constraints for speakers and microphones.

From the beginning of the mechanical study, our mechanical design engineers are dedicated to identifying the customer’s requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and reliability.
Understand the intended modes of use, but especially the cases of unforeseen uses (falling of the product, exposure to intense heat like behind a car window, exposure to chemicals…) is a critical activity to ensure the success of a new product.
Based on these analysis, the choice of materials and possible protections will be defined to meet the explicit and implicit requirements of end-customer.
As soon as the prototypes are made, the risk points will be checked as far as possible by test, calculation or simulation.

The design and production of tools

Among all mechanical design services we deliver, our mechanical engineers will also carry out the studies of the tools needed to manufacture the products. By this, we mean molds for plastic injection parts, cutting or folding tools for sheet metal, molds for die casting-injected metal parts.

These toolings will then be subcontracted to our industrial partners and monitored at their production site by our local teams. The first parts will be inspected, and validated on all the requested criteria, then qualified by the mechanical design office team who designed the tooling.

entreprise de conception mécanique

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