Supply chain management

Industrial supply chain services can be defined as the management of the upstream and downstream material flows of the manufacturing phase associated with the management of the induced financial flows (cost of production, cost of storage, cost of transportation and cost of production).

The supply chain must be planned or designed from the very early stages of the project, and decisions must be made accordingly. A well-thought-out and well-controlled supply chain or logistics strategy leads to significant cost savings on the product. TXCube’s teams are keen to always offer and implement the most optimized industrial logistics. It also has a significant impact on the project schedule.

Upstream Supply chain

It is key to select all the suppliers of parts and components as closer as possible to the final manufacturing production site in order to limit as much as possible transport logistics and the associated costs of transportation and customs on the prices of parts and components as well as the impact on delivery times and stocks to carried out to compensate the necessary restocking times.

In addition, if there are drawing parts or specific components, the necessary time to iterate your parts and make them evolve will be greatly impacted by the length of transport times.
The supplier’s technical support will also be improved if local intervention is possible.
It is mandatory to consider all those points before deciding on your logistics flows and get an optimized supply chain.

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suply chain aval et douane

Downstream supply chain and customs

It is important to know the customs duties applied on the finished product to be sold in the target countries.

The final manufacturing cost of the product may be impacted if the amount of duties and taxes is high. It may be necessary to set up a BTI (Binding Tariff Information) with customs. TXCube can assist for the implementation of BTI with customs in order to freeze a tariff of a finished product. We are also able to inform if any customs costs need to be considered or not for the calculation of the total cost of your product at the very early phase of the project.

Downstream supply chain and packaging

Product packaging is also an essential element of the supply chain. It is important to think about the size of the primary packaging of the finished product so that the master cartons allow the loading of pallets and containers to be as optimized as possible, considering all the logistical constraints of the customer.

At TXCube, a dedicated software has been developed by our sourcing and supply chain team in order to offer the best solution to minimize transportation costs. Price difference can vary from simple to quadruple if the loading of the pallet or container has not been finely analyzed to avoid paying empty spaces. Indeed, the transportation costs are calculated on the volume but also on the weight of the products to be transported.

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logistique industrielle et stocks tampons

Buffer stocks

Analyzing the delivery time of each component in the bill of materials also contributes to optimizing both the supply chain and costs.

At TXCube, we set up buffer stocks on long-leadtime components to reduce the manufacturing time of finished products. These shortened manufacturing times allow our customers to limit their stock level of finished products and thus improve stock rotation.

The supply chain has a direct impact on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your product. The experience and expertise of TXCube will allow you to avoid mistakes on your following choices: supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, transport, stock, storage. Industrial logistics services are integrated in the management of all our projects. We manage it for you.

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