Electronic design

TXCube integrates an electronic design company based in France and is able to take over the complete electronic design of customers’ products, redesign a faulty electronic development, add functions initially not planned, but also rethink the product and make proposals for alternate-source components in order to control the cost of the electronic function and also the availability of electronic components. TXCube relies on a panel of manufacturers to supply the parts.

bureau d'étude électronique

System architecture skills

Our electronic design office has a wide range of skills from electronic circuit design based on microcontrollers, microprocessors or SOM boards, to the study of analog systems integrating various measurement sensors (temperature, pH, microphones) or actuators (stepper motors, BLDC, etc.). We also have audio skills (MP3 players, headphones) and are used to integrate various displays in our products development (e-ink, LCD).

Electronic product design may also include the embedded software portion of the product.
We also take over the certification part with the regulatory requirements such as CEM, safety, radio and various qualifications ATEX, IP, IK, RoHS, Reach and associated regulatory markings.

The experience gathered since the creation of TXCube and the implementation of proven routing rules for circuit board design allows us to carry out our certification projects on time. If we detect potential issues, pre-qualifications will be carried out as soon as the prototypes or preproduction are issued to reduce any non-compliance risk.

IOT and connected products

TXCube has also a strong expertise in radiocommunication which enabled us to implement many connected products integrating the technologies BLE, Zigbee, Sigfox, Wifi, 3G, 4G and now LPWAN LTE-M and NB-IOT. Many products are also equipped with GNSS GPS.

We provide electronic design services to guide you on proven architectures and select antennas for you.
We are also able to validate the proper operation and the antenna range of the prototypes and preproduction products in their final use.

Many IOT products are also energy autonomous. We are able to advise on the type of energy sources to use and calculate the consumption of your product in different use cases. This allows to calculate the battery capacity needed to guarantee the desired autonomy or to define the right trade-off to maintain the desired autonomy with the selected battery.
We address regulatory certification issues early in the design phase to reduce the risk of delaying the project with a functional product but not meeting EMC and safety standards.

conception électronique de produit iot
étude électronique

Pricing Control

As for the mechanical design office, the target cost is controlled throughout the electronic design, and our component database allows us to offer architectures with long lasting components, available and at best cost. We work directly with a wide range of manufacturers to control the cost and availability of these components.

The costed BOM is updated with prices and deadlines, in order to anticipate production start-ups. Buffer stocks of critical components are established upon prototype validation.

We can offer our expertise to customers in the search for alternative second sources.

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