Smart Home

With its experience in the development and integration of specific sensors with specialized companies, and the expertise of short, medium or long-range RF links, TXCube has designed, industrialized and manufactured many products in the home automation world.

Importance of Design to Cost

TXCube has worked on products for controlling and regulating fluids, device remote controls, cameras, connected lights, etc. All these home automation projects have a strong budgetary constraint and a relatively low unit product price as they are sold through distribution networks.

TXCube brings its expertise of mass production manufacturing to optimize the design of the product to reduce the number of parts or simplify the manufacturing of parts, as well as the final assembly.

Design to Cost

The importance of sourcing

With an extensive network of suppliers covering all domains, TXCube can conduct a wide consultation and put these suppliers in competition to meet the strict budgetary constraints inherent in this type of product.

In addition, TXCube promotes its knowledge of electronic dual sources to offer interesting alternatives in the product’s electronic bill of materials, on passive, active or electromechanical components. However, significant production volumes are required to obtain favorable conditions.

Our value proposition

TXCube knows the constraints of the consumer market and brings the experience of product industrialization and solutions through its wide network of partners and suppliers of components or parts to be at the right price.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur

Got a project ?

TXCube brings the experience on the best way to meet your challenges. So, don’t wait and



Experts at all stages


Fair non-recurring engineering cost without surprise

Time to market

A schedule mastered by a rigorous project management


Many propositions to hold your cost structure


The most suitable industrial model aligned with your stakes

Project risk

Totally reduced thanks to the TXCube experience