The key step of sourcing

The Bill of Materials for an electronic product represents 70 to 80% of the product’s price, which underscores the importance of thoroughly controlling each purchased part. This includes electronic components, mechanical parts, drawing parts, and other specific components like LCDs, batteries, and so forth.

We put a particular attention to the selection of our suppliers.

we regularly audit and visit all our suppliers to ensure that we have a quality system in place that is always under control.
We also strive to have at least 2 to 3 suppliers able to manufacture the same product in order to be able to select the one that best meets the production challenges and have a double sourcing in case one of them fails.
achat de composant électronique

Electronic components sourcing

When designing our electronic boards, we maintain direct contact with the manufacturers of electronic components.

Electronic components purchases are negotiated from the beginning of the project and we do not hesitate to put the electronic components suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) in competition in order to have the best price and lead time conditions.
This allows to have negotiated contract prices with the manufacturers.

We always check the electronic component life time and set up buffer stocks at an early stage, depending on their lead time. As far as possible, we select at least 2 manufacturers for each component of the PCBA to secure supply chain in case one source fails.

Sourcing of specific mechanical parts (plastic parts, metal pieces)

Mechanical parts suppliers are regularly visited and audited by local TXCube teams.

For purchases of custom plastic parts or other industrial mechanical parts such as die casting or metal pieces, we guarantee the selection of the suppliers where we decide to launch the plastic injection molds and tools for mass production.

We manage the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) with suppliers during tool manufacturing and ensure the quality and the follow-up of mass production.

We also guarantee the quality of the parts throughout the lifetime of the product. The molds and toolings in place at our manufacturing partners are the exclusive property of our customers.

pièce mécanique
achat de pièce spécifique

Custom parts sourcing

With our long experience in manufacturing and purchasing of electronic components, we can offer a wide range of qualified suppliers for specific parts such as LCD, batteries, power supplies, coils, speakers, buzzers… We can also source metal parts, plastic components…

Thanks to our presence in Asia, we can source directly from the manufacturers, and not trading companies.

We visit and audit the factories to ensure that we have a quality system in place that meets our requirements and their ability to deliver the right services to us over the life of the customer project.
Regular site visits for our entire supplier panel are carried out.

We put this know-how and our network of suppliers at the service of our customers across their entire product range.

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