IOT solutions manufacturer

TXCube can also be considered as an IOT manufacturer (Internet of Things) and design office through the several designs, industrialization and manufacturing of connected products that the company carried out.
We designed IOT devices with short range RF connection such as Wifi, Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), NFC (Near Field Connexion), Zigbee, RFID, low power mesh but also IOT solutions with Sigfox or LoRa connections, as well as connections to cellular networks.

Making the choice of connectivity standard

As an IOT consulting company, we are sharing our vision of the most suitable connectivity standard for your application taking into consideration many criteria among range of communication, choice of deployment countries, location of objects (exterior, interior, buried underground or in the basements of buildings), amount of data to be transferred and cost of connectivity.

With the evolution of 4G, 5G and LPWAN solutions for IOT such as NB-IOT or CAT-M1, we can provide insight into the network deployment situation for these emerging solutions, including country coverage, implementation of PSM solutions (Power Saving Mode) and existing roaming solutions.

entreprise IOT
expert et bureau d'étude IOT

Product autonomy and certification

As an IOT enterprise, we help our customers to size the battery in the case of a non-powered product in order to reach the desired battery life through the consumption calculation of the use cases of the product.

We theoretically calculate the consumption of the product in different modes of use and provide advice on making firmware changes to reduce this consumption by minimizing or optimizing non-efficient operational modes. Finally, we confirm our hypotheses on the prototypes, then on the pre-production units. We also include some measurements in the production quality test to ensure that products have the desired autonomy.

We are also able to certify your IOT solution in the selected countries according to the different standards in use.

Our value proposition for IOT solutions

Choosing the architecture and connectivity of IOT products is not simple and requires careful analysis. The company stakes are high and the impact on operating costs can be significant. TXCube is an IOT solutions company with the practical experience to support you for IOT product launch on the market.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur
Customer case

Fluidra company

Fluidra has marketed a range of connected pool analyzers.

TXCube collaborated with Fluidra business unit in charge of IOT products and developed, industrialized and manufactured the fully waterproof Blue Connect product, with 2 years autonomy.

Thanks to TXCube for their support and agility, from the start of the project to the mass production of our products that we have been producing for over 6 years now.
TXCube has first allowed us to realize a significant saving on the price of the product by a complete redesign to cost, both in mechanics and electronics. Thanks to the high-performance supply-chain teams, we always received our deliveries on time, without any delays, even during periods of crisis involving component shortages. And the adventure continues…


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