We also worked on projects in the transport sector, related to vehicles, people flow or availability of resources such as parking spaces.

The constraints of use

Each case has different constraints and specifications. We can mention vibration stresses, crushing stresses, extended temperature stresses, humidity, etc.

Each project starts with an explanation of the constraints, standards and specifications to be met. All these elements will be taken into account in the design and industrialization of the product. Some end customers also perform specific product tests according to their own quality plan.

contraintes d'utilisation produit
tests en production

The importance of testing in production

Particular attention will be given to the test plans to ensure the desired level of quality and resistance.

For example, it’s not uncommon to conduct temperature burn-in cycles by sampling or even in a unitary manner. Appropriately dimensioned equipment is necessary to prevent increasing the product’s cost due to excessive handling. We avoid creating bottlenecks during this testing phase.

Our value proposition

TXCube takes special care in the testing phases of the products to ensure the quality of the manufactured products We define with you the tests to be carried out by a detailed test plan to review all the functions of the product and its operating constraints. The frequencies of the tests (unit, sampling), duration (cycling) and acceptance limits of the products are defined with you.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur

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