Consumer electronics

By supporting many start-ups and SMEs in the Go To Market of their products, we have encountered the challenging consumer electronics market.

The complex and competitive market offers considerable volume potential if the product is attractive. However, the opposite is also true: a lack of support can compromise even the most promising projects.

High cost pressure

This market imposes strong constraints in terms of quality/price ratio, the cost of the product and its inherent functions.

These products are very often sold through multiple networks, such as company’s website, renowned marketplaces or distribution networks with physical stores. In this case, part of the value is absorbed by the marketing the product, making the constraints of manufacturing cost and competitive positioning even more critical.

coûts d'un produit électronique
conception d'un produit électronique à coût objectif

Design to Cost

These products often go through an industrial design phase and teamwork must be coordinated with the aesthetic designer in accordance with his ideas and his concept, integrating industrialization constraints and achievement of target cost. Even the best concepts can become useless if industrial production involves an incorrect market positioning.

Thanks to its experience and supplier network, TXCube proposes ideas to hold the target costs with the suggestion of different solutions, second source parts or electronic components, specific assembly and test, integrating value analysis on various functional needs.

The tooling will also be developed in accordance with targeted volumes to reduce the impact of the manufacturing cost on the unit price.

Our value proposition

Drawing on our experience, we are able to support you in defining and manufacturing your product to hit the market but also on topics such as specific certifications, like radio or toy certifications that we have already conducted worldwide.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur
Customer case

Audiozen, Morphée products

The founders of Audiozen decided to combine their experiences, passions, and convictions to create the company in 2017 and introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of daily relaxation through a range of non-connected products.
To date, over 500,000 people have benefited from Audiozen’s expertise for their relaxation and mental well-being.
TXCube has industrialized and continues to manufacture two of the products in the Morphée range.

We have been working with TX Cube since 2019, with whom we have developed and manufactured two products in large quantities. We are delighted with this collaboration, and would like to emphasize in particular the team’s responsiveness, attentiveness, and friendliness.

We strongly recommend working with this team of experts.


CEO Audiozen


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