Mass production

TXCube relies on a large network of partners including electronic subcontractors and industrial manufacturing companies.

To carry out the industrial mass production of our customers, we select the most suitable industrial subcontractors, taking into account the complexity of the product to be manufactured, the annual and per-batch production quantities, the existing production capacities, the requested delivery time, the ecosystem of industrial subcontractors and suppliers nearby, the skills of local teams, the required product quality control and the ability to deploy the associated test solutions.

Product life cycle

Our local teams, located in the factories, ensure the follow-up of product manufacturing at all industrial stages and maintain a continuous product quality control of ongoing productions.

Whenever a new order is received, a review is carried out with the production teams to guarantee a smooth production process up to the point of delivery. Purchase orders of primary parts are issued to ensure all the necessary supplies to manufacture the product on time. Product quality control is carried out by TXCube teams.

We manage the whole product life cycle. We ensure the sustainability of supplies for each production batch and immediately notify our customers in case of component obsolescence or other hazards that may arise.

production série
vie série et gestion de la supply chain

Eco-responsibility and supply chain

We pay particular attention to supply chain management when organizing production. We make sure that the hidden costs generated by transportation and customs fees for purchased parts are as low as possible.

Our manufacturing plants are located less than 100 km from all other part suppliers, thereby reducing not only the transit time but also all transportation costs and other costs of approach and improving the fluidity of communication in case of problems. This desired and controlled organization generates a very favorable carbon balance for the manufactured product. Indeed, the manufacturing process is the most ecologically impactful factor in a product life cycle. We are also very attentive to all hidden costs which, when accumulated, can represent a significant percentage of the product price, these costs tending to increase in times of economic crisis.

contrôle qualité produit

Product quality control in mass production

TXCube guarantees the quality of its customers’ products post mass production.

Many upstream tests are carried out on the so-called primary parts, both directly from manufacturers and upon their entry into stock.

During the pre-production phase, we define the production test strategy and develop the associated test benches with their sequencer to guarantee the product quality and operational consistency. The test limits are established in collaboration with the customer, based on measurements taken during the design and adjusted according to the dispersion measured on the prototypes and pre-series.

We also conduct special tests to qualify the product within its final environment.

We have developed a method to test waterproofness on all products. We also qualify some products on long temperature cycles simulating their aging.

Many products also need significant traceability. In such cases, we work with the customer to define their needs for labeling on the products and on the grouping boxes used for delivery.

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