Industrial product

TXCube has developed many industrial products, B2B oriented for some customers.
These products have special characteristics of durability, strength, simple and fast maintainability. They sometimes have to operate in difficult environments with high temperature variability and resist splashes of water and chemicals. Some products have also been designed to withstand strong voluntary aggression (IK10 anti-vandal standard).
Others may have high power consumption or be in binding industrial environments (such as products in explosive zones and therefore comply with strict IECEX standards).

Requested tests

For this type of product, we are able to advise and support our customers throughout the entire scope of their needs, from development to manufacturing, including the industrialization of the product.
We develop the qualification solutions in order to ensure in all phases (POC, prototypes, pre-production) that the products subjected to the tests withstand the constraints mentioned in the product specifications.

We also define production test plans with the customer to ensure we meet some of the requested constraints. We have the experience of long-term thermal cycling unit by large batch of parts or leak tests for each of the manufactured products.

produit industriel
TXCube et sa proposition de valeur

Our value proposition

Our strong experience in robust industrial products is the first guarantee for the future quality of your products. We are qualifying all steps of the industrial characteristics you need for the operation of your industrial product. Customer then validates the compliance with specifications.

We can also position ourselves as a supplier of complex drawing parts to help our customers achieve the target prices. In this context, we offer our strong network of suppliers to find the best quality/price ratio of the different parts.

Customer case

Water-ID GmbH company

We have been working for several years with the German company Water-ID GmbH, a specialist in chemical reagents to validate water quality. Water-ID has a full range of digital solutions that we develop, industrialize and manufacture for them.

We have been working with TXCube for more than 5 years for the industrialization and mass production of our products.
Thanks to TXCube’s extensive expertise in the design and production of electronic and mechanical products, we have, on an ongoing basis, valuable support on all our productions as well as the best possible advice for new project development.
TXCube teams based in Europe and China manage our projects in order to always meet the price, quality and time targets we ask them and they always manage to keep them. Thank you for your continued support.


CEO and Founder of Water-ID GmbH


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