Industrialization services

Industrialization project management is TXCube’s core business.
Our team of industrial project managers and engineers including electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and embedded software engineers will provide their technical know-how and long experience to transform your project into a product manufactured in volume.
Our mission is to develop and manufacture a product that will meet your needs.

We can also help to transform an existing product into an improved version or better meeting your challenges, whether they are performance, quality, cost or time to market.
Our expertise is very oriented towards electronic industrialization, mechanical industrialization including the industrialization of connected devices or complex mechatronic products.

The principles of good industrialization

Industrialization involves defining the steps and needs to move your project from a prototype phase to serial life phase with volumes to be manufactured in line with your sales forecasts.

We must think about the best way to manufacture the product (Design for Manufacturing), the compliance with the features and characteristics on each manufactured product and the quality control to be carried out at various stages of production (Design to Test) as well as the way to meet the product target price.
Product certification is also a key phase, crucial to launch the product on a defined geographical market.
A good industrialization also means that the time to market schedule is respected.

principes d'industrialisation
chef de projet industriel

Industrial project management

A TXCube industrial project manager will assist you from the design of your product to industrialization and production in our factories.

He is an extension of your team and will provide you with all the necessary resources to carry out the compulsory industrial project management, regardless of its size or complexity.
Our industrial project managers have many years of experience and a wide range of skills and knowledge that can help you at every stage of your project. They will follow you throughout the product development process and create a plan that will meet your current and future needs.

A multidisciplinary team

Each industrial project manager works with a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in France and Asia to ensure that the products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications and that they are produced on time.

He is also responsible for managing the budget and ensuring that the project schedule is on track.
The industrial project manager also remains active in the mass production life of the product in order to follow the changes requested by the customer (modification of one function, redesign of another one) or suffered (a component becoming obsolete).
At TXCube, industrial project management is omnipresent at all stages of the product’s life and our project managers are the privileged contact of our customer’s teams and are key for a successful product industrialization.

gestion de projet industriel
outillages d'industrialisation

Tooling design and manufacture

Mass production requires the development of specific toolings, both for the production of parts and for the manufacturing of finished product and production tests.

Product industrialization therefore involves defining and designing all the toolings needed to manufacture parts: injection molds for plastic parts, cutting tools for sheet metal parts, screen printing for electronic boards, engraving tools and cutting for PCBs but also in the assembly line and test benches of the finished product in production.
Functional test in production requires the development of test benches in order to ensure the compliance with the electrical and electronic characteristics defined in the product specification as well as the good resistance to the operational conditions of the product such as temperature, shocks, waterproofness…

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