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TXCube is a French company, founded in 2009 offering contract manufacturing services. Our mission is to support our customers from the prototype phase to the industrial production, without pitfalls, and allowing to benefit from our technical expertise as well as our strong networks of suppliers. We position ourselves as your electronic contract manufacturer and the industrial partner of your success.

TXCube commitments

Our goal is to guarantee your time to market with a product that complies with your specifications and meets your production target costs at the right quality level.

TXCube manages all the steps of the ramp-up phase, from the design to the manufacturing of your products in volume through the industrialization phase. A project manager will be assigned to your project and will be the keeper of success.

On the initial costing step, our experience allows to commit on the prices of design, tooling, certifications but also on target prices of your product in mass production. We ensure you leave with peace of mind, having full control over your budget for the same product definition.

Our fields of activities: design office,
electronic contract manufacturer and
industrial partner

TXCube helps in all phases of a product life. Our primary business as an industrial and electronic subcontractor is the industrialization of mechatronic products, but we also support our customers in several stages of product development.

At the ideation stage, we describe the need by drafting specifications and formalizing the functionalities, the modes of usage of the product, the technical characteristics and environmental constraints experienced by the product.

Our industrial design office will then handle the electronic, mechanical and software design of the product or will interface with the design office of the customer or the customer’s partner.
One of TXCube’s strengths is the ability to support an initial development (design) or a target cost redesign (Redesign to Cost) that guarantees the best possible cost of your product in volume.

In case of design done by our customers, we return to our core offer: industrialization of your product and electronic contract manufacturing with a prototype phase, pre-production, tooling for parts, tooling for production, test benches design, certifications, quality management and traceability of your products.

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Subcontracting services adapted to your needs

TXCube has staff in France and China. Manufacturing can be done on both continents. The presence in China allows us to make the best of both worlds and offer our customers 3 models of contract manufacturing.

We can propose the best suitable industrial model according to your marketing challenges (Time to Market), costs or willingness to manufacture in France or Europe along with the associated costing models.

We can manufacture your products with a 100% French model, a 100% Chinese model or a so-called hybrid model whose target is to prepare subsets in China cheaper and faster, then finalize the product in France or in Europe by including if necessary product customization at final stages of manufacturing. Our factories are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485.



TXCube integrates eco-design concepts into our industrial approach.

We try to limit the use of materials, components, fixing elements or reduce the electricity consumption of the products we are designing. We always involve our customers to limit unnecessary functions, such as LEDs, for example, often in excess. We bring this same view to packaging.

We also try to create products with a simplified and robust assembly to limit their repair or need for exchange. We therefore integrate the notion of reparability to give them a second life if necessary. For plastics, we are trying our best to use recycled plastics and simplify packaging to avoid unnecessary waste.

When choosing the manufacturing model, particular attention is paid to the upstream supply chain to limit transport-related flows. In China, our major partners are located within a 50 km radius distance in order to limit transport and facilitate trade. We also study the downstream supply chain in order to optimize the transport of products and limit the inherent cost by a precise calculation of the exploitation of the transport pallets. We can also study the need for a repair loop if necessary.

In summary, TXCube is your industrial manufacturer able to support from the beginning to the end of your product’s life. We are your “One Stop Shop” to handle the ramp-up of your products’ volumes, and we bring our expertise and long experience guaranteeing compliance with your marketing constraints.

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