Design To Cost

TXCube has developed significant expertise in the design of products at target cost (Design to Cost). This requires each step to seek the most suitable and least expensive technology, exploring alternative sources, specifying critical functional, and relaxing non-critical ones.

Additionally, we are proposing the most suitable manufacturing model to ensure adherence to the quoted costs.

Precise cost monitoring

In our design to cost approach, we perform product costing:

  • Before the development starts: at the submission of the offer where TXCube undertakes on the recurring volume price of the product, on the price of the study and tooling (injection molds, dies, stamping tools, assembly tools, screen printing masks for PCBs, hardware and software test benches, certifications, etc.).
  • At each step of the project (design review, prototype, pre-series) to refocus the project on the defined economic targets. Trade-offs and decisions are sometimes necessary. They are made with the customer, considering the various solutions provided along with their advantages and disadvantages.
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Our network of suppliers

Our presence in China allows us to identify and audit partners who are proficient in multiple technologies in metallurgy and surface treatments:

  • Foundry, rolling, extrusion, punching, stamping, bending…
  • CNC machining, laser cutting.
  • Paints, anodization, vacuum casting…
  • Tropicalization through nanocoating or varnishing.
  • Decoration, painting, screen printing, pad printing…
  • Metallization via vapor deposition.

Many partners in plastic injection, overmolding, silicone compression and o-rings are capable of producing and developing complex molds in less than 2 months. They are especially adept at performing complete « moldflow » simulations to guide us in the choice of designs.

The strength of our network of subcontractors allows us to choose the best technical and economic solutions in a design to cost perspective.

Electronics and Product assembly

In terms of electronic components, connectors, and screens, we have internal databases of competitive alternative components for many basic electronic. We actively propose optimizations for your bills of materials and drawings. It is essential to find the component that fulfills the desired function at the lowest cost as part of this design to cost approach.

A high-level system approach enables us to quickly draft a product architecture that is both mechanical, electronic and software-based, and to commit to a fixed-price design to cost development. This includes a complete or shared study with the customer, prototype realization, industrialization, qualifications, test benches and comprehensive certifications.

Our PCB assembly and integration plants ensure with a medical and automotive quality level the design of assembly and test lines, optimization and balance of various production stations using a « Lean Manufacturing approach ».

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