Embedded software

Our industrial product design company cannot deliver complete solutions without the embedded software component. Indeed, our customers are often keen to master the high-level software application but want to delegate all the lower layers of the firmware. Our team of embedded software engineers then take over the embedded software development.

Embedded software development services

We provide embedded software development services on all basic functions of the product. We can think about:

  • MMI functions (keyboard interface, display, LEDs, button, touch screen, buzzer, loudspeakers, microphones etc.).
  • Control of various sensors (temperature, gas, humidity, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.).
  • Communication protocols (BLE, cellular networks, WiFi, USB, industrial CAN, MODBUS, etc.).
  • Battery management (charge, gauge, temperature).
  • Security integration (secure element, encryption, certificate management).

The testability of products is also considered from the beginning of the electronic design and requires thinking about the testing strategy. Our firmware engineers then embed test features in the firmware.

We also specify and perform test benches, which can be done in Python or Labview/Teststand.

développement logiciel embarqué
consommation énergétique micrologiciel

The critical function of energy consumption

Energy consumption is an essential point in the design of an electronic product, whether powered or autonomous. The stakes are on the one hand ecological (less it consumes and better is its environmental impact) but also functional mainly for autonomous objects where autonomy is a crucial point.

Low power consumption (“Power Management”) has become a fundamental aspect that must be taken into account from the beginning of the product architecture. The embedded software has to be fine-tuned to decrease power consumption. Embedded programming must be validated at each stage of development. We theoretically calculate the consumption in all modes of operation of the product in order to determine the capacity of the battery to be loaded. If the battery consumption/capacity compromise cannot be met, we will propose to the customer alternative operating modes and our embedded software engineers develop the embedded software in this direction in order to hold this hard equation.

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