Luxury industry

Our industrial expertise, renowned quality and commitment, along with our extensive network of suppliers have opened the doors to the world of luxury goods. Consequently, we have designed, industrialized and manufactured complex luxury products for world-famous companies in high volumes.

Balance between quality and price

The project usually starts with an industrial aesthetic designer who combines luxury codes with the requested product. He defines the materials, shapes, colors, and packaging to reinforce the codes of this world.

TXCube must comply with specifications and find the appropriate materials and industrial processes to manufacture individual parts and identify the suppliers capable of producing these parts in volume with the luxury requested quality level, while maintaining an acceptable cost.

équilibre rapport qualité prix du produit
contrôle qualité produit

Drastic quality control

The incoming quality inspection of spare parts is very important as the slightest visible aesthetic defect is refused. A default file is written by TXCube teams, approved by the customer and then submitted to the factory’s quality control teams.

We then document the product assembly processes, quality monitoring procedures and final control to ensure that the expected quality is maintained throughout all production steps.
In all cases, the final control includes a 100% visual inspection step to ensure that no visible defects have slipped through the various stages of the assembly process.

The packaging represents an essential element of the product in the luxury world with high quality cardboard boxes with various colors, matte or glossy finishes, and gilding. As the packaging is the first contact with the product, a particular attention is paid to it.

Our value proposition

TXCube makes its supplier network available to comply with the product’s aesthetic specifications at the best costs.

TXCube et sa proposition de valeur
Customer case


L’Oréal envisioned a product that enables teams in perfumery and cosmetic stores to better advise their customers on selecting facial products, taking into account each customer’s skin characteristics such as complexion, hydration, skin elasticity, subcutaneous fat and the level of imperfections and wrinkles. Equipped with a camera and several sensors, the product analyzes the skin, transmits parameters to a database which then analyzes and compares these characteristics with thousands of clinical cases to recommend the most suitable treatment.
TXCube was integrated into a multi-skilled team (including a designer, skin measurement specialist using camera technology) to handle the industrialization and production aspects.

Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L’Oréal discussed the partnership with TXCube during an interview organized by BFM Business, in the context of presenting the digital product Skin Connect, developed and industrialized by TXCube.
Jean-Paul Agon describes the partnership with TXCube as « optimal, very fast, very effective, with a very good economical result ».
He added that it « will allow a very rapid deployment at the global level of the Skin Connect product ». Jean-Paul Agon concluded saying that « L’Oréal will start the deployment in France but will deploy it globally, as all brands are global ».


L’Oréal CEO Interview


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