« We immediately had confidence in TXCube’s expertise in design and industrialization and in their ability to fit with our start-up constraints.
They clearly understood the need for the product development and improvement and provided ideas and guidance on many subjects. They also brought the rigor and working methods of a project mode specialist during the industrialization phase: a project manager was in charge of weekly alignment meetings, which allowed for sharing the project’s progress among all the actors as well maintaining the deliverable deadlines for each stakeholder.
If I had to summarize our relationship with TXCube, I would say that it is the partner that BOKS needed to succeed in its industrial acceleration phase and support it in the growth of its sales volumes.


CEO Boks


« We have been working with TX Cube since 2019, with whom we have developed and manufactured two products in large quantities. We are delighted with this collaboration, and would like to emphasize in particular the team’s responsiveness, attentiveness, and friendliness. We strongly recommend working with this team of experts.


CEO Audiozen


« We have been working with TXCube for more than 5 years now on the industrialization and mass production of our hardware products.
Thanks to TXCube’s great expertise in electronic and mechanical product development and production, we have a great support for all our productions and the best advice for our projects.
TXCube teams in Europe and China have always managed our projects to meet our targets for price, quality and lead time, and they have done so successfully.
Thanks for their continuous support!


CEO Water-ID GmbH


« Thanks to TXCube for their support and agility, from the start of the project to the mass production of our products, which we have now been producing for over 6 years.
Initially, TXCube enabled us to achieve a significant saving on the product’s price through a complete Redesign to Cost in both mechanics and electronics. Thanks to the high-performance supply-chain teams, we were always able to be delivered on time, without any delivery delays, even during periods of crisis over component failures. And the adventure continues…


Digital Director EMEA


Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L’Oréal, discussed the partnership with TXCube on Saturday, March 25, 2023, during the TOP AFEP show on BFM Business, in the context of presenting the digital product « Skin Connect », developed and industrialized by TXCube. He was accompanied by Elisabeth Partouche, CEO of TXCube.
Jean-Paul Agon said in front of the cameras: « It’s an optimal partnership, very fast, very effective, with a very good economical result. And it will allow a very rapid deployment at the global level because we start in France but we will deploy it globally, as all our brands are global.

Elisabeth Partouche added: « We are also taking care of the product certifications for the entire world. »

The journalist concluded by reminding that this product is a world innovation.


By Jean Paul Agon, CEO at L’Oréal


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