Product packaging

Packaging is an integral part of the definition of a product. It is the first image and perception of customer on the purchased product. For some products, it represents an important step in the development of the product that should not be neglected, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a robustness and lifetime point of view.

Packaging design

Packaging will also protect the product during transport, hence the importance of its design and stress tests during the development.

We adapt the packaging to the requirements of each of our customers. We are as attentive to the different packaging of all the logistic chain (individual box, packaging, pallets, containers, etc.) as to the contents (internal wedges, foams, dividers, notices, etc.). Solutions are designed and tested to promote and protect products regardless of shape, size or weight. Multiple means of transport can be requested and therefore electronic product packaging must be designed to ensure that your products reach their destination in optimal conditions. They must continue to showcase your product once it is received by the end customer.

conception emballage packaging produit
test emballage packaging

Packaging box tests

Electronic product packaging is always tested in real-world conditions by TXCube teams, in accordance with the specifications defined with each customer.

The products undergo fall tests and vibration tests on vibrating tables. The results of these tests are used to qualify the electronic packaging box design before going into mass production. Thus, the design of the packaging interior is extremely important as it keeps the various components in place, prevents their movement, and of course, absorbs energy dissipation in the event of a fall.

emballage packaging adapté au transport

Secondary packaging suitable for transport

We design packaging to ensure adequate service for shipping by sea, land and air around the world.

We pay close attention to transportation costs and systematically try to reconcile the size of packaging with transportation costs. We adapt the size of primary packaging and cardboxes to pallet sizes in order to maximize the number of products per pallet and thus the number of products per container. We always work closely with customers to validate the choices made.

We try as much as possible to optimize the place of the packaging around the product so that the part of transport induced is not significant as volume can be very expensive…


Environnemental constraints in packaging design

Product packaging can generate significant waste. We pay great attention to this and seek to limit their use by reducing their size to the maximum and therefore their environmental impact.

We always offer primary (product packaging box) and secondary packaging (the grouping box) with recyclable materials and eco-designed packaging and accessories. We try to limit the mix of materials and the glues. We avoid plastic shipping bags and replace plastic cushioning with cardboard.

Secondary packaging is defined in order to transport as many products as possible and thus avoid cushioning elements that are often non-recyclable.

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