TXCube has in its DNA a strong telecom know-how coming from the profile of the technical teams. In this context, we have a strong experience in the development of wired and non-wired telecom products: products connected by radio waves on conventional 2G to 5G cellular networks, on LPWAN networks like Sigfox or LoRa, or products with short range connections such as Bluetooth, BLE, Wifi, Zigbee, etc.

Portable and autonomous products

In addition to this telecom knowledge, we have proven expertise in power management of battery-powered products, many products connected by radio frequency standards being autonomous. In this context, a real work in selecting product architecture and implementing its use case must be carried out from the beginning of the design phase.

This expertise has enabled us to design and manufacture products and develop solutions in fields such as telematics, asset tracking, smart building, smart cities, telecom boxes, home automation or alarm systems for individuals.

produits autonomes
test RF en production

RF testing in production

In telecom products, an essential point to address is the manufacturing functional test to check the quality of transmission or reception of RF signals. All products are certified with a maximum power or a signal range and it has be measured for each product at the end of the manufacturing phase. Designing telecom products is an activity asking for a strong expertise in that field.

In this respect, quality control and product traceability are essential because it is necessary to be able to track sim cards, manage product profiles by country in the case of cellular networks and trace the numerous identifiers of subscriptions to cellular networks.

Our value proposition

This telecom expertise has enabled us to win the trust of international customers with global deployments in several countries.

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